exciting update: a night in the woods

Special shout out and thank you to Susan in the Development Office at Bethel Woods for sending me this AMAZING video of the event, A Night in the Woods!! You can really see the fashion and tone of the event, and why we had SO much fun! To like Bethel Woods on Facebook, click here.Continue reading “exciting update: a night in the woods”

a night in the woods

What a weekend! We had so much going on, I was worried I would feel overwhelmed, but celebrating so many wonderful events was actually really great. Between a baby shower, celebrating my first Mother’s Day, and then the event this post is titled for, I really had so much fun. Saturday night was especially great,Continue reading “a night in the woods”

love travels boutique on etsy

Today is a wonderful day for a friend of overly ambitious! Love Travels (lovetravels8) has opened her shop on etsy! New Yorker, Caitlin Casey, is the artist behind the magic of these beautiful handmade custom maps. She will create whatever city is close to your heart,and is currently featuring three maps in her shop: New York, NY,Continue reading “love travels boutique on etsy”