weekly workout challenge

Bro, do you even lift?: Back to weight training! My Biggest Challenge: Overcoming gym-timidation – the weight room is always male dominated! Full Disclosure: I only did a small arms workout on Monday. I wanted to do a full workout, but I got to the gym late and needed to go to dance class. SideContinue reading “weekly workout challenge”

weekly fitness challenge

When the Going Gets Tough: I don’t wanna work out today!! My Biggest Challenge: Wanting to eat sushi instead of go to the gym. Full Disclosure: I’m a little hangry and super tired! Plus I worked out really hard last night doing an abs class and my weekly hip-hop class. Side note: This week is Passover, so whenContinue reading “weekly fitness challenge”

weekly fitness challenge

[http://beyoncegifs.tumblr.com/] Two Dance Classes in a Day: Urban Attitude (Show Stoppers) at 6:30 and Hip-Hop at 8pm My Biggest Challenge: Keeping my energy level high enough to make it to the second class, at a different gym! Full Disclosure: I’ll probably need some coffee today, like I did last week. Or maybe a Starbucks Refresher. Something toContinue reading “weekly fitness challenge”

big fish in a little pond

I love to dance, but I am not the best dancer by any means. I think the fact that I love it shows, and for that I am perhaps better at dancing than some. So, when I found out that my regular Monday night dance class had now also been scheduled on Fridays at aContinue reading “big fish in a little pond”

weekly fitness challenge

Hip-Hop Dance Class: This is one of my top 5 favorite classes. My Biggest Challenge: Footwear. I can’t really wear my typical gym sneakers because they’re not meant for dance. This week I’m trying my Converse slip-ons. Most people seem to wear Nike Dunks. Full Disclosure: I’m drinking part of an iced coffee before class.Continue reading “weekly fitness challenge”