practicing happiness

I think the world is a bit of a tough place to live in right now. There’s seemingly so much negativity, whether surrounding politics or societal pressure, or simply the changes in weather and season. The conversation around living with mindfulness seems so relevant to me, but also a bit vague, right? What does itContinue reading “practicing happiness”

the magicians – hall of magic

Yesterday my friends and I went to SyFy’s “Hall of Magic” event for the show The Magicians, which also premiered last night in it’s second season. Check out the photos below to see the immersive exhibit. The event continues through 1/29, although tickets may not still be available. Check here, because it was really, veryContinue reading “the magicians – hall of magic”

girls of thrones: who run the world?

This post is dark and full of SPOILERS. Scroll to below the gif, unless you did not see the last two episodes of this season’s Game of Thrones. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.       Image via HBO/HuffPost and one more gif, just in case you didn’t listen and want to turn back now… Image via beyoncegifs.comContinue reading “girls of thrones: who run the world?”

sytycd: #sobfest2016 – so you think you can cry

So I think it’s pretty clear that I love to dance. Based on posts I’ve done about working out, going to the gym, going out, and the music I listen to… it might be obvious. But for those of you that haven’t read anything else I’ve written, I’ll say it plainly: I love to dance. ThatContinue reading “sytycd: #sobfest2016 – so you think you can cry”

do you believe in magic?

I will be the first one to admit, I LOVE Harry Potter. I’ve always been fascinated by magic. No, not the ‘rabbit out of the hat’ type of magic, but the stuff that stories are made of. Wizards and witches, stories of the sky lighting up with spells cast and ancient powers called. SoContinue reading “do you believe in magic?”

50 shades of… consent?

I’m having trouble with the new 50 Shades of Grey movie, but not for the reason you might think. If you’ve ever read any of my posts, it’s pretty easy to see that I consider myself a feminist and have no problem speaking up for women’s rights. That being said, I think I need toContinue reading “50 shades of… consent?”