you can’t be original without risking looking foolish

This video from Ethan Hawke on big think is one of the purest pieces of advice I’ve heard in a long time. It’s about identity. It’s about diminishing fear. It’s about finding peace within yourself by understanding that you have to take chances to make a change, or have success, or just be heard. You should really watchContinue reading “you can’t be original without risking looking foolish”

genius $ saving hack – honey

    I just came across the most helpful Facebook ad I’ve seen so far. Generally, they seem pretty relevant to my interests, but this one hit the nail on the head! From their website: “Honey is a service that makes it ridiculously easy to save money and time. Honey automatically finds coupon codes forContinue reading “genius $ saving hack – honey”

book review: cyber storm

  I’ve been really into podcasts lately (more on that to come in another post), and after binge listening everything I think I could possibly want to listen to (I am currently subscribed to 10 different podcasts) I wanted something else to listen to while I wait for updates. Upon heading to Amazon to buyContinue reading “book review: cyber storm”

overly ambitious re-launch!

As you may have noticed, I redesigned! I hope you like the new, streamlined layout and what I feel is a more visually engaging format. I also have a few new pages! The DESIGN and PAINTING links lead to some work I’ve done recently. I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Thanks for checking out overly ambitious. IContinue reading “overly ambitious re-launch!”

i need this

So, I like to think I’m good at applying makeup in a variety of situations. In a moving car, dim lighting, on the train… I’ve done it all. [] However, I just received an email from PureWow (who sends out great stuff btw), and now I NEED this: Beauty Beam Quoted from their site, itContinue reading “i need this”

look up

I have to say that I’m always excited for new technology. I have that type of personality that not only loves new things, but also finds tech really fascinating. That being said, I had a wonderful time with my friends this weekend and realized today that i hardly looked at my phone. Those interpersonal connectionsContinue reading “look up”

tech talk tuesday

[] With today’s release of Google Glass to the general public, I thought I would take a look at some of the other cool tech items that are perhaps not getting as much press, but are still super neat. Apparently, Imogen Heap has introduced a glove that produces music from a digital source to Kickstarter.Continue reading “tech talk tuesday”