guess who has two thumbs and is writing for a new blog?

This girl! That’s right. In addition to writing here (even though it’s been a little while… got a new job and was traveling… my bad), I’m now writing for Fairygodboss! A super awesome site about women and career paths and what it’s like to be a working mom. They have company reviews and job listingsContinue reading “guess who has two thumbs and is writing for a new blog?”

lady gaga and a royal convo about mental health #headstrong #oktosay

I am 1000% in favor of de-stigmatizing mental health and mental illness. It is the idea of needing to hide something for fear of embarrassment/discrimination/backlash that causes problems in the first place. Suppressing an issue is never beneficial for emotional development. But when I saw that the British Royal Family was publicly leading a conversation aboutContinue reading “lady gaga and a royal convo about mental health #headstrong #oktosay”

planning for morning success

In my quest to become happier, I’ve realized that taking the stress out of the morning is one HUGE way to set off on a path of happiness and success for the day. I’ve started to identify the ways in which I’m doing that, and it’s made my days infinitely better. Before I get started,Continue reading “planning for morning success”

practicing happiness

I think the world is a bit of a tough place to live in right now. There’s seemingly so much negativity, whether surrounding politics or societal pressure, or simply the changes in weather and season. The conversation around living with mindfulness seems so relevant to me, but also a bit vague, right? What does itContinue reading “practicing happiness”

its freakin done. kitchen reveal!

I shouldn’t complain. I have an amazing house and a wonderful life and a great husband and daughter. But holy hell, this kitchen reno felt like a lifetime. I think it was because it was nearly unusable beforehand so it feels like we’ve almost had no kitchen since we moved in in October. With thatContinue reading “its freakin done. kitchen reveal!”

the kitchen i don’t miss…

So much has happened over the last few months. I started really decorating my house. I bought a giant fuzzy beanbag chair. I have no kitchen… Ultimately, the moral of the story at the moment is that moving into a larger space from a smaller space is not actually easier like I thought it wouldContinue reading “the kitchen i don’t miss…”

i’m redoing a house…

I read an article about the culture of “busy” and how it’s a choice. The fact that I agree with that doesn’t mean that it’s not currently true though, and especially so lately. My husband and I sold our city life for a piece of the burbs. And I’ve never been happier. We purchased aContinue reading “i’m redoing a house…”

donald trump’s words damaged my childhood before he said them

I’m not typically this serious on here, but as a mother of a daughter, and a voting adult living in the US, it’s time to share this story. I was in 3rd Grade at my very suburban, very “safe” elementary school. For those of you who don’t have kids, 3rd graders are typically 8-9 yearsContinue reading “donald trump’s words damaged my childhood before he said them”

freshly fall – i miss the 90’s

To welcome Fall, and my return to blogging after a much needed hiatus, I’ve started curating collections of products that I think are rad. Check out my 90’s obsession board titled “Freshly Fall” and get cozy with chunky knits and a bit of biker inspired edge.