sytycd: #sobfest2016 – so you think you can cry

So I think it’s pretty clear that I love to dance. Based on posts I’ve done about working out, going to the gym, going out, and the music I listen to… it might be obvious. But for those of you that haven’t read anything else I’ve written, I’ll say it plainly: I love to dance. ThatContinue reading “sytycd: #sobfest2016 – so you think you can cry”

i bought a new scale

  So yesterday I got on the scale I’ve been using for the last 4 years, because who wants to buy a new scale, right? I was elated to see that I had lost 4 lbs, putting me at my first milestone since returning to Paleo about a month ago! But then I got suspicious. IContinue reading “i bought a new scale”

beachbody vs daily burn

  So, as I noted in my previous post, I am back to eating a Paleo diet! So far, I’ve lost 4 lbs (totally water weight), and I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve been sick, so it’s hard to judge how I’m actually feeling, but I definitely feel less bloated. With a 9 month old atContinue reading “beachbody vs daily burn”

back to basics, back to paleo

  Well, the last two weeks have been a challenge to say the least. Having a sick baby is no joke, and of course that translates into very little sleep! So, what better way to get through a tough time than getting back to basics. Small workouts to keep my adrenaline up and paleo to keepContinue reading “back to basics, back to paleo”

so i’m trying paleo

Now, before you get all preachy on me, and start talking about carbs and high fat, blah blah blah, I am trying Paleo for a week because I think that dairy might be hindering my health. A few years ago, I had a blood test done at my doctor’s office to test for food allergies.Continue reading “so i’m trying paleo”

priv it! on-demand beauty & fitness services

I am so excited to announce that I am now a PRIV certified freelance hairstylist and makeup artist in the PRIV app!! PRIV is an innovative app that connects you directly with beauty/fitness professionals on demand! Use the app to book same-day services, including Makeup Applications, Blowouts, Haircuts, Nails, Massage and Personal Training! The app geo-targets theContinue reading “priv it! on-demand beauty & fitness services”

weekly workout challenge

Bro, do you even lift?: Back to weight training! My Biggest Challenge: Overcoming gym-timidation – the weight room is always male dominated! Full Disclosure: I only did a small arms workout on Monday. I wanted to do a full workout, but I got to the gym late and needed to go to dance class. SideContinue reading “weekly workout challenge”

weekly fitness challenge

When the Going Gets Tough: I don’t wanna work out today!! My Biggest Challenge: Wanting to eat sushi instead of go to the gym. Full Disclosure: I’m a little hangry and super tired! Plus I worked out really hard last night doing an abs class and my weekly hip-hop class. Side note: This week is Passover, so whenContinue reading “weekly fitness challenge”

weekly fitness challenge

[] Two Dance Classes in a Day: Urban Attitude (Show Stoppers) at 6:30 and Hip-Hop at 8pm My Biggest Challenge: Keeping my energy level high enough to make it to the second class, at a different gym! Full Disclosure: I’ll probably need some coffee today, like I did last week. Or maybe a Starbucks Refresher. Something toContinue reading “weekly fitness challenge”