freshly fall – i miss the 90’s

To welcome Fall, and my return to blogging after a much needed hiatus, I’ve started curating collections of products that I think are rad. Check out my 90’s obsession board titled “Freshly Fall” and get cozy with chunky knits and a bit of biker inspired edge.

you can’t be original without risking looking foolish

This video from Ethan Hawke on big think is one of the purest pieces of advice I’ve heard in a long time. It’s about identity. It’s about diminishing fear. It’s about finding peace within yourself by understanding that you have to take chances to make a change, or have success, or just be heard. You should really watchContinue reading “you can’t be original without risking looking foolish”

sytycd: #sobfest2016 – so you think you can cry

So I think it’s pretty clear that I love to dance. Based on posts I’ve done about working out, going to the gym, going out, and the music I listen to… it might be obvious. But for those of you that haven’t read anything else I’ve written, I’ll say it plainly: I love to dance. ThatContinue reading “sytycd: #sobfest2016 – so you think you can cry”

exciting update: a night in the woods

Special shout out and thank you to Susan in the Development Office at Bethel Woods for sending me this AMAZING video of the event, A Night in the Woods!! You can really see the fashion and tone of the event, and why we had SO much fun! To like Bethel Woods on Facebook, click here.Continue reading “exciting update: a night in the woods”

a night in the woods

What a weekend! We had so much going on, I was worried I would feel overwhelmed, but celebrating so many wonderful events was actually really great. Between a baby shower, celebrating my first Mother’s Day, and then the event this post is titled for, I really had so much fun. Saturday night was especially great,Continue reading “a night in the woods”

beauty review: nail decals & glue on nails

I am a nail fanatic. That doesn’t mean that I have great nails, or that I’m even particularly good at doing them. However, I do own an LED curing lamp (for gel manicures), nearly every kind of nail decal imaginable, and every embellishment I can find (stickers, studs, hoops, etc…). I really have tried themContinue reading “beauty review: nail decals & glue on nails”

help me get my ipsy bag? pretty please?!

So I discovered today. I personally am a huge fan of Michelle Phan and her YouTube channel. I think she posts great content, and overall her videos are super fun. was founded by Michelle, and provides a service similar to Birch Box, however, combing through posts of what’s included in Birch Box vs.Continue reading “help me get my ipsy bag? pretty please?!”