exciting update: a night in the woods

Special shout out and thank you to Susan in the Development Office at Bethel Woods for sending me this AMAZING video of the event, A Night in the Woods!! You can really see the fashion and tone of the event, and why we had SO much fun! To like Bethel Woods on Facebook, click here.Continue reading “exciting update: a night in the woods”

a night in the woods

What a weekend! We had so much going on, I was worried I would feel overwhelmed, but celebrating so many wonderful events was actually really great. Between a baby shower, celebrating my first Mother’s Day, and then the event this post is titled for, I really had so much fun. Saturday night was especially great,Continue reading “a night in the woods”

beachbody vs daily burn

  So, as I noted in my previous post, I am back to eating a Paleo diet! So far, I’ve lost 4 lbs (totally water weight), and I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve been sick, so it’s hard to judge how I’m actually feeling, but I definitely feel less bloated. With a 9 month old atContinue reading “beachbody vs daily burn”


  Ok, so this is definitely not “tomorrow,” lol, but regardless, I’m back within a week, so let’s celebrate the small victories. About a year ago I tried the FabFitFun subscription box, which to be honest was awesome, but the price point is a bit high for me to receive it regularly. The contents wereContinue reading “headspace”

beauty review: nail decals & glue on nails

I am a nail fanatic. That doesn’t mean that I have great nails, or that I’m even particularly good at doing them. However, I do own an LED curing lamp (for gel manicures), nearly every kind of nail decal imaginable, and every embellishment I can find (stickers, studs, hoops, etc…). I really have tried themContinue reading “beauty review: nail decals & glue on nails”