planning for morning success

In my quest to become happier, I’ve realized that taking the stress out of the morning is one HUGE way to set off on a path of happiness and success for the day. I’ve started to identify the ways in which I’m doing that, and it’s made my days infinitely better.

Before I get started, one little trick for me is getting up and immediately having coffee. That way, by the time I’m 20 minutes into getting ready, the caffeine has kicked in 😉

Now, on to the bigger stuff.


My Work Uniform

I love the look of wearing t-shirts, jeans and suit jackets. Like really love this look. It’s comfortable but somehow doesn’t seem overly casual. I decided to set this up as one of my options. I already have 5 pairs of jeans that fit well and about 10 jackets so it’s been pretty easy to utilize. My other option is a dress with leggings (when it’s cold) or without leggings (when it’s warm). Easy peasy, and I don’t have worry about the whole “OMG what do I wear” moment in the morning.


Working Out

I swear this is happening. I’m also on a path to just love my body, but I want to feel stronger and healthier in general, so even if the scale doesn’t change, I want to just feel good. We bought an elliptical, so I’m really looking forward to making that part of my morning routine. Then it’ll just be  a matter of figuring out the balance between getting sleep and getting exercise.



Bullet Journaling

Man, this is an easy way to figure out what needs to get done. When I’m organized, I feel less chaotic, and when I’m less chaotic/rushed, I’m happier. I do my bullet journal and daily tasks the day before and take a look in the morning to make sure I’m on track. Again, it’s all about setting yourself up for success during the day.



Meal Planning

So this is tough. Obviously I love my new kitchen, and have a strong desire to cook. However, anyone who has kids knows that finding time, especially when both parents work, to cook in bulk is tough. However, I’ve managed to cook two meals a week, in bulk, for me and my daughter (my husband eats other stuff) and it seems to be working out! I pre pack the food into meal sized portions and that way I can just grab and go.


Here’s to being happy, whatever that means to you. To me, it means that things are a little easier, and these steps have really helped me get there.

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