the kitchen i don’t miss…

So much has happened over the last few months. I started really decorating my house. I bought a giant fuzzy beanbag chair. I have no kitchen…

Ultimately, the moral of the story at the moment is that moving into a larger space from a smaller space is not actually easier like I thought it would be.

I figured, I have all these closets and now I can truly organize things into all of their own places. The thing I didn’t factor into that is that you have to be fully organized to know where everything will go! >_< lol. oh well. I’ll get it together eventually.

For now, I am happy to report that after the exactly 6 weeks of time my contractor told me it would take for the permits, I now have a completely demo’d kitchen. They’ve also now taken down a wall and wired the electric with a bunch of recessed lighting. WooHoo!

I’ve never been so happy to have something go away. Just in case I didn’t mention this previously, my former kitchen was the stuff of my nightmares. It was the Brady Bunch kitchen, and not in that “kinda-cute-mid-century-esque” way. Think avocado and orange. In fact, don’t try to picture it. Just scroll to see it.




Hopefully we’ll be done in 4 weeks, so I should have more substantive pictures soon.

Happy New Year!

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