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So, I’m not really a band wagoner. I’m interested in what’s popular (otherwise I wouldn’t be “into” fashion) but my rebellious side makes me question what “everyone else” is doing.

This is particularly applicable when it comes to the podcast Serial. It seems like everyone was listening to the story of Adnan Syed’s incarceration as narrated by Sarah Koenig. I, however, was belligerent (and pregnant) and had no desire to listen to some podcast when I could read books and paint. Who wants to listen to Internet radio when they’re not in the car anyway?

Well, apparently I do, because I plowed through Serial and 3 other podcasts and I don’t know when I’ll stop listening. I guess that will be when I don’t have any more interesting content to listen to.

Serial Season 1 was really fascinating. I’m a true crime fan, to an extent, in that I like mystery. I’m also a huge Law and Order nerd, but I think that’s the format of the show.

Actually, no, I don’t need to deny it. There’s absolutely no reason I shouldn’t have started Serial sooner. It’s right up my alley.

Serial Season 2 features the Beau Bergdahl story. If you don’t know, you better get to know. Also, SO interesting.

If you’re like me, and you need to rotate to other podcasts that are on alternate schedules from your favorites, here are the one’s I’m currently subscribed to. As a whole, I’m finding that I love Modern Radio Drama, True Crime, Scary Stories and Current Events. Yes, I know that makes me super nerdy. Yes, I’m ok with it.


The Black Tapes


Limetown (One season only)

This American Life

Archive 81 (My newest obsession)

NPR’s Embedded

The Truth

The Message (One season only)

If any of you are traveling this holiday weekend, give one of these a listen if you haven’t already.

Enjoy the weekend!


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