i bought a new scale



So yesterday I got on the scale I’ve been using for the last 4 years, because who wants to buy a new scale, right? I was elated to see that I had lost 4 lbs, putting me at my first milestone since returning to Paleo about a month ago!

But then I got suspicious. I had cheated a tiny bit and while I shouldn’t have put on weight, I definitely shouldn’t have lost that much weight in a day or two.

So I got on the scale again… and it read the same thing. I did it again, same reading. I cheered and went to tell my husband how excited I was.

Not sure why, but I decided I needed to get on there one more time. I must have done something differently this time, because the reading was 2.5 lbs heavier.

Now, let me say, I don’t typically focus on weight. I focus on how I feel, and I’ve been feeling awesome lately. But for the sake of my BMI and all that, I know that keeping an eye on my weight and using it as an indication that I’m doing things right, or that I need to make an adjustment, is a smart thing to do.

So, with this weird result, I decided out with the old and in with the new…

I decided to get a scale that not only shows weight, but allows you to input your height, age and whether you are male or female. It then shows you BMI, bone mass and fat percentage.

The awesome news is, that even after comparing the new scale to the old, I am still down 2 more lbs than last time I weighed myself. Regardless of what my next reading says, I will continue to focus on the fact that working out regularly feels great, and I find that Paleo is a totally maintainable way to keep moving forward in my journey to good health 🙂


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