a night in the woods

What a weekend! We had so much going on, I was worried I would feel overwhelmed, but celebrating so many wonderful events was actually really great. Between a baby shower, celebrating my first Mother’s Day, and then the event this post is titled for, I really had so much fun.

Saturday night was especially great, since I got a bit of a night out (something that doesn’t happen to often now that there are three of us in my house, instead of just two).

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts in Bethel, NY is notable for many reasons. In recent years, the Mysteryland music festival is held on their grounds. In 1969 it was the site of the original Woodstock! So much history, and the grounds are really genuinely beautiful, with sprawling lawns and a stately pavilion, where A Night in the Woods was held.

A Night in the Woods was the “second annual spring fundraising event to benefit Bethel Woods Center for the Arts” and was aptly described as “a sculpted forest with couture creatures, electric vibes and other wonders… Presented in collaboration with installation artist Dennis McNett, curated by Mary Lee of TwistedLamb.”

There was great music, an exceptional fashion show, delicious food and drinks and engaging activities, all for a worthy cause.

Bethel Woods also has a museum with amazing exhibits, and other arts & education programs.

To learn about becoming a member of Bethel Woods, click here.

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