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So, as I noted in my previous post, I am back to eating a Paleo diet! So far, I’ve lost 4 lbs (totally water weight), and I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve been sick, so it’s hard to judge how I’m actually feeling, but I definitely feel less bloated.

With a 9 month old at home, and working full time, I’ve had a lot of trouble getting back into working out full time. When I was first cleared for exercise after my C-Section, I took some local Mommy & Me Barre classes that i could take my daughter to, and those were FANTASTIC! Maybe I’ll do a post about barre sometime in the near future.

Lately, though, I’m really finding I don’t have time to get to a studio or gym to work out most days. So, I did a bit of research and decided to do 2 programs at home, on trial periods, to see which I like best.

I love to dance, so the informercials for Cize were intriguing. Since I’ve been looking for something relatively low impact to just get moving for an extra 30-60 minutes a day, this seemed perfect for me. I read a lot of good review (mostly from Beachbody coaches) and one negative review saying it’s too easy and the person didn’t break a sweat. I signed up for the 30 day trial of Beachbody on Demand, which has one Cize routine and on occasion, has a Cize routine as the Challenge of the Day. My thoughts are:

  • As a dancer, it’s really not challenging, but then again, is any dance class or routine challenging if you don’t challenge yourself? There are ways to push yourself, whether through adding your own style or moving through different levels (high, low, squats, etc…).
  • The majority of dance classes I’ve taken are all about learning the routine and steps. This is no different. The beginning of the class is relatively slow, and you really only “Cize it up” for a few minutes throughout, but the routine was fun, and it definitely didn’t feel like exercise.
  • All in all, I had a good time! I wish they offered more content through BOD, which is the primary reason I won’t be continuing with the program. I need some variety, and since I don’t want to do Insanity or P90X, this just isn’t for me. I’m also not going to spend $70-100+ on the cd’s. It’s just not for me, right now.

Now, Daily Burn. A friend recommended this to me, and said that she and her daughter love doing the 90’s throwback routine in the Move program. There’s a few great things about this:

  • Access isn’t limited like it is with Beachbody. I am able to pick any of the Move routines. This isn’t really fair to Beachbody, since this is just from a dance perspective. BOD did have the older programs like Rockin’ Body and Hip Hop Abs available in their entirety; they’re just a bit too vintage for me.
  • The routines I’ve done so far are challenging! Even working through the steps got me sweating. I started with an African dance one, and today I did the Intelliburn Metabolic Hip Hop. I was really sweating for each one.

Overall, I can’t say that one is “better” than the other since I am using them for very specific reasons. Anything that gets me moving right now, works for me!

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