do you believe in magic?

I will be the first one to admit, I LOVE Harry Potter.


I’ve always been fascinated by magic. No, not the ‘rabbit out of the hat’ type of magic, but the stuff that stories are made of. Wizards and witches, stories of the sky lighting up with spells cast and ancient powers called.

So when I started working for Scholastic, I was automatically drawn in to reading even more (which I didn’t think was even possible), especially when it comes to Magical Fantasy.

I may love YA fiction, but I also really enjoy stories written for an adult audience. Most recently, Lev Grossman’s The Magicians is at the very top of my list. Not only is it relatable, with a good portion of the story set in the tri-state area, but it is the stuff that kids who love magic dream of. A portal to a secret school for those who have always felt ‘different;’ capable of more, but not in the traditional way. I won’t give any more away in this post, although I may do a post in the future with a full book review. Don’t worry, it’ll have a full spoiler alert.

If you ever watch MTV, or even browse past it, you may have seen commercials for The Shannara Chronicles. Based on a book series from the 70’s, I’ve heard a number of people ask why MTV is doing a fantasy series.

Well, there’s a few new ones that I think are actually worth checking out, that are based on books, and I’m guessing they were timed this way to directly compete with each other.



The Magicians (SyFy) – As noted above, I LOVE this trilogy. PS, the ending is EXACTLY as it should be. Seriously, check it out.


The Shannara Chronicles (MTV) – Not sure how I feel about this series. I haven’t read the books; they’re now next on my list. But, full disclosure, I’m more Harry Potter, less Lord of the Rings. That being said, I still appreciate and enjoy all SciFi/Fantasy for the most part, so I’m not discounting this series by Terry Brooks.


Shadowhunters (abc family/Freeform)-  This TV series is based on the book series is based on the book series by Cassandra Clare, The Mortal Instruments. I will say that I’m a fan. I enjoyed the first movie, and while it wasn’t as involved or intricate as other Fantasy series, it was fun for fans of the genre, and so was the series. The show looks to be about the same. I may wait and binge watch this one.

So, in summation, I am a self professed nerd. I’m a girl, I love Sci Fi and Fantasy, I work in tech, I love to read and I even have a tattoo of a quote about magic from a Roald Dahl book. To all my fellow nerds: Star Wars is cool. Being smart is cool. Life is good. Stick with it, have fun, and try your best to do what you love. That’s what it’s all about.

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