having a baby is bananas, b.a.n.a.n.a.s.


Ever done something that changes your entire world? I think this is possible when it comes to changing careers, moving to another country, and other truly genuine milestone events/choices. I knew my life would change after having a baby, but I’m not sure I knew quite how much. I’m not sure anyone can really understand how much it will change until they experience it.

What I’m not saying here is that anyone is a lesser person/woman/man/father/mother/human being because they don’t have a baby. What I am saying is that, from personal experience, I could not have absorbed quite how drastic a change it is.

Sure, I anticipated sleeping less, having a tiny dictator in my  home who would tell me when to eat and when to feed them. These are the things I didn’t anticipate.

  1. While I’m very used to interrupted sleep and/or staying out late, there was no way to anticipate the depth of sleep deprivation I would experience in the first month of her life. Waking up every 1-2 hours is an experience no one should have, especially not when taking care of a teeny tiny human. That being said, new parents just get sh*t done.
  2. How many times can this kid poop in a day? Sure, you figure you need to get used to dirty diapers, and of course every baby is different, but wow. One day my daughter pooped 9 times. 9 TIMES!!! FYI to new parents, Diaper Genie. Know it, love it. Lifesaver.
  3. I love my husband more. Sure, people talk about exhaustion and money causing issues in relationships, especially when the focus is on a new baby. But man, the fact that this guy helped me bring this seemingly perfect little munchkin into my life makes me have a whole new type of love for him. Pretty awesome.

So, with that being said, here’s the takeaways.

  • I’m back. Yes, for real this time.
  • I’m not going to blabber on about being a parent in every post. I’d like to talk about kids and being a parent, but I am more than a parent. I’m a woman, a human being, a friend, a wife, a sibling, and a daughter. I am the sum of my parents. I just also happen to have a child.
  • I pass no judgment on other parents unless they are hurting their child.
  • I miss writing. I’m back at work, and the beauty of a long commute is more “me” time where I’m not at the mercy of an infant.
  • I’ll be updating the look and feel of the blog in the near future.

And, in closing, a post from FB that I think sums up my general feelings toward other people out there, at the moment.


gif c/o http://www.minionsmovie.com/


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