help me get my ipsy bag? pretty please?!


So I discovered today. I personally am a huge fan of Michelle Phan and her YouTube channel. I think she posts great content, and overall her videos are super fun. was founded by Michelle, and provides a service similar to Birch Box, however, combing through posts of what’s included in Birch Box vs. ipsy, the product selection with ipsy seems to be more my style.

For a flat $10 a month you get a makeup bag with a variety of deluxe samples and full size products. Fill out their quiz and the bags are targeted towards your needs and wants. Users can then upload pictures of how they used the products, and earn points towards rewards.

If you sign up using my link here, I get off the wait list, earn ipsy points, and you get to learn about the (hopefully) awesome 4-5 products that come in a month, first hand!

So, help a girl out! Check out!

[gif c/o]

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