weekly workout challenge


Bro, do you even lift?: Back to weight training!

My Biggest Challenge: Overcoming gym-timidation – the weight room is always male dominated!

Full Disclosure: I only did a small arms workout on Monday. I wanted to do a full workout, but I got to the gym late and needed to go to dance class.

Side note: I decided to try the 23rd street Crunch, since it’s the newest Crunch gym. I asked one of the trainers what was downstairs since I hadn’t been in that area of the gym before, and I’m so glad I did.

Results: This workout was AWESOME. The machines are new and super nice. I was pretty intimidated when I walked downstairs into the free weights section, but i kept my head held high and walked around like I owned the place. Then I found the mezzanine area which had no one in it! I put Disclosure – “Settle” in my headphones and went to work.

I lifted very heavy. I found a routine here that talks about the common misconceptions that women shouldn’t lift heavy weight. The reality is, I want to get super toned. I’m not going to bulk unless I eat the calories/protein to do so and unless I’m in the gym over an hour 5-6 days per week, I’m not going to get “big.”

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