1 is 2 many

As you may or may not know, I am a staunch supporter of women’s rights and advocacy.

I am proud to say that there is FINALLY a public stance being taken against sexual assaults on women in this country, specifically on college campuses. The campaign is called 1 is 2 many, and it is being backed by the White House and various celebrities.

Al Jazeera notes that “the staggering fact [is] that nearly 1 in 5 college women is sexually assaulted by the time she graduates, with just 12 percent of them reporting the assaults — a much lower rate than the estimated 40 percent of assaults that are reported by the general population, according to the Department of Justice.” 

Please watch this video, and read more about the campaign, to understand how important it is for us to stand up for the women we know, and those we don’t, to prevent sexual assault from continuing, and to help those who have already been affected, heal.

“If she doesn’t consent – or can’t consent — it’s a crime . . . and if you see sexual assault happening, help her — don’t blame her —and speak up.”

If you, or someone you know, has been sexually assaulted and needs help, visit RAINN.org for more information, or call your local police department/911.

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