weekly fitness challenge


When the Going Gets Tough: I don’t wanna work out today!!

My Biggest Challenge: Wanting to eat sushi instead of go to the gym.

Full Disclosure: I’m a little hangry and super tired! Plus I worked out really hard last night doing an abs class and my weekly hip-hop class.

Side note: This week is Passover, so when I would typically work out Monday and/or Tuesday, I ONLY worked out Wednesday this week. For some reason, when I work out more, it seems like I want to keep the momentum. When I work out less, I want to veg. Plus I miss my gluten free bread 😦

Results: It’s a good thing I work out with my bff 🙂 I texted her that I didn’t want to work out, and she suggested we should AT LEAST take the 30 minute dance class we both like, since we’d feel better getting to the gym 2x this week instead of just 1. Everyone has their “off” days, and today is mine, but I sucked it up and worked out anyway. The results? OF COURSE I feel better! Any little adrenaline boost works, and working out with a friend helps keep both of you accountable for doing what you should be doing!

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