tech talk tuesday


With today’s release of Google Glass to the general public, I thought I would take a look at some of the other cool tech items that are perhaps not getting as much press, but are still super neat.

Apparently, Imogen Heap has introduced a glove that produces music from a digital source to Kickstarter. For more details check out the article on Mashable. I personally love Imogen Heap, so it’s super interesting to me that she’s becoming involved in what looks like it could be the future of music. With the boom in EDM’s popularity in the last 5 years, this doesn’t surprise me. Also, I like this concept way more than this laser music “player”, which seems to take all the skill out of actual DJ’ing.

[AHRC Gloves Performance: YouTube]

The other nifty thing I saw this week is the S.E.L.F.I.E. mirror by iStrategyLabs. While I was initially a skeptic, the concept is pretty cool. The other day I wanted to get a picture of my outfit to post here on OA, and it was tough! I know there’s been a  lot of talk lately about how selfies may actually have a negative impact on self-image (Mashable), however, snapping photos with friends can always be challenging. While this mirror was designed for one person’s self portrait, maybe this is a way to be all inclusive of those wanting to be in a photo instead of potentially leaving someone out or using one of those ridiculous camera timers. 

[S.E.L.F.I.E. mirror by iStrategyLabs: YouTube][/font]

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