weekly fitness challenge


Two Dance Classes in a Day: Urban Attitude (Show Stoppers) at 6:30 and Hip-Hop at 8pm

My Biggest Challenge: Keeping my energy level high enough to make it to the second class, at a different gym!

Full Disclosure: I’ll probably need some coffee today, like I did last week. Or maybe a Starbucks Refresher. Something to give me a little boost. (if you’d like to read more about the effects of coffee on a workout, click here. For the record, I save my 2nd daily cup of coffee, that I usually have at 2pm on regular gym/non-gym days, for about 5/6 pm when I do double classes or know a workout will be extra difficult. This means I am not having any more than my typical 2 cups a day)

Side note: Wearing my Converse again. I took the Show Stoppers class on Monday in my regular gym sneakers, and it wasn’t as good as Hip-Hop last week in the Converse.

Results: I wasn’t a huge fan of the first class’ choreography, but I made it through about 40 minutes before I left to head to class two. Class two was AMAZING as usual 🙂 Love the teacher, love the choreography, love the music (Beyonce – Blow) love the energy in the room. Wore my saggy sweats and a cut up t-shirt again, and got a high five from the teacher when I threw a little flava into my moves. Once again, SUCCESS!

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