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I love to dance, but I am not the best dancer by any means. I think the fact that I love it shows, and for that I am perhaps better at dancing than some.

So, when I found out that my regular Monday night dance class had now also been scheduled on Fridays at a different Crunch location, I was psyched! Not only is this another opportunity to work out for 45+ minutes, doing something I love, but I also felt good about the fact that I am finally familiar with the type of choreography and style.

The Monday class is usually pretty packed, so I prefer to stay at the back where there’s more room and dancers more my speed. There are some attendees who look to be professional dancers, and they lead the class.

The Friday class was a completely different experience. I can fairly easily say I was the best dancer in the class. I started at the back of a very shallow room, and eventually moved to the front. It looked like most of the dancers in attendance were not used to doing choreography, and I give the teacher a lot of credit for changing the level of choreography she typically does to suit the skill level of the majority of the class.

Now, I don’t write this to brag, although it did feel pretty good to nail the routine. I write this because, even in a class of beginners, it took a lot for me to make my way to the front of the class.

This experience made me realize that I’ve become comfortable, in some aspects of my life (mainly working out) with running with the middle of the pack. To put it plainly, I’ve become content with mediocrity, which (as the name of my blog openly states) is not typically in my nature.

So perhaps it’s time for me to strive toward excellence in ALL aspects of my life, even at the gym. Perspective is so important.

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