frugal friday!

So every week I hope to post about something that I found that I think is a great deal. Maybe you’ll like it, maybe you won’t, but either way, the value is there.

image (2)

This week, i found Gucci Flora (one of my faves) at Nordstrom Rack in Union Square for $38! That’s purse spray size, with 3 refills, regularly $77-$95. Deal of the century.

Also, if you love leggings and all things spandex, and you don’t know about the American Apparel Factory Store in Nolita, you should get to know it. I wanted a pair of thigh high socks, regularly $18. I found them there for $7, with no discernible flaws. Yup. Same socks as the regular store, over 50%, no problems.

Enjoy the weekend!

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